piątek, 4 czerwca 2010


...recently seems to lazy to draw so I needed this day to get back to old habits...:)


wtorek, 1 czerwca 2010

powrot do bloga---> dzisiejsza hop-siup gangsterska grucha!

na zupelnym (projekt powstal w 5 minut) spontanie stopa EDKA przyjela dzis gruszke:)
/tottally freestyle from today!
my homie,EDEK got finally his foot done - say hello to the gangster pear!

środa, 20 stycznia 2010


OK finnaly I've got my holidays. Past two weeks i've spent with an awesome(!) peoples around singapore! The city/country is tiny&cool and as u can see on the photos below, it's awesome! i love the dudes i've met and my family at galaxy tattoo 2!! and i've got a new plan: INEEDABODYSUIT!