niedziela, 8 listopada 2009

i love my warsaw friends. last night we go fo' more:

and her:

środa, 28 października 2009

WORDUPP?! planning to go back's last night piece ..

piątek, 15 maja 2009


I've get obssesed 'bout designer toys just a while ago, on now my needs are concentrated on THIS one line toys: BountyXHunter!!! woow,man, im telling u that this guy, hikaru, he started over 11 years ago with KID HUNTER wich is said, it is the very first ever designer vinyl toy!! and it is expensive and extremely rare to find...:( BxH toys shoot me down. the first ever toy realised by frankkozik was in 2002 Smokin Bany a.k.a Smokin Rabbit
also BxH did the greatest collabs with Kaws ... so i wanted 2 let u know that i'm planning to get some of them! i need to:) night-night:*


finally! I've been so busy last weeks , so just forgot to post anything in here, hope since now I'll more take care of it, if i made this deccision to go on with bloggg! I've been crazy busy working on some large scale new project,witch I found the most fun to do! here's a snap of a SHIVA tattoo I'vew started yesterday on my bud, who ask me to do a shiva on his chest..heheheh...he can not refuse my vision,so i truely appreciate this!:)

piątek, 24 kwietnia 2009

the cute sugar skulls r the old piece, but homie step-in today to get new done, so i got the right snap.

here we go, today I've finished old-old chick witch I've started around a year ago so here comes the background- cute orchidee's. Fact, it is the worst photo ever, but U got the idea!! She was tough!!
whooooa night-night:)

środa, 22 kwietnia 2009


today my very loyal custommer let me do whatever I want on inner arm, so since a while i wanted to go with this cute geisha drawing so we made it happened! cool. thanks!

also today I've reicived a pack with my newest vinyl toy - kaiju ledbetter hammerhead!They're limited to just 50 worldwide! i am a fan of joe ledbetter's work and that is my first ever kaiju so I'm simply twice more excited&happy!good night

poniedziałek, 20 kwietnia 2009


yesterday was the very first sunday when i've got nothin' to do(nuthin' so important), so me and my love made it to the mountains! we took BIGjake(who's a vinyl toy made by Kozik)
and make a 20km-by-foot-trip! That was somethin'. When we were at the top, we've got a GLASS of tea! YES--> GLASS- that's the very oldskool polish way:)

today i made it back 2 work and just did some outlines to a bat-junkee sleeve, and made a next session on another's dude cute babes sleeve.
good days:)


sobota, 18 kwietnia 2009

piątek, 17 kwietnia 2009

here we go!!

mornin' mornin'!
i've been pushed a couple of times to start with blog, so here we go, hope ya will find a time sometimes to ch-check out whats poppin' in here! yay! have a good day!
the very first pic here is a snap of cute daruma, healed. yay